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Kaiame Naturals Products – Good for your Body, Good for your Skin!

Kaiame Naturals Magnesium Oil
Throughout our day, we end up using numerous products to help us maintain our health and beauty, which should lead us to wonder what is actually in the products we use. Use of artificial ingredients results in numerous side effects including hair loss, dryness, rashes and the interference of skin cell development and proper functioning.

It is under these circumstances that we are able to find quality, toxin free and natural remedies for our day to day problems with Kaiame Naturals products. Kaiame Naturals offers a safe alternative to the toxic health and beauty products found on the market today.

Colloidal Silver & Magnesium Oil

Colloidal silver provides a viable alternative to common health ailments like sinus infections and the common cold. It naturally boosts our immune system. Colloidal silver is both anti-bacterial as well as anti-viral, which helps to fight ailments such as pneumonia, herpes, ear/eye infections, just to name a few.  

Similarly, magnesium oil acts as a natural carrier of magnesium chloride which is utilised by the body, increasing its content in the muscles. According to recent studies, a magnesium deficiency may put our heart at a significant risk, aggravating our health problems. Magnesium oil benefits include relief from aches and pain, supports cardiac tissues and the cardiovascular system, and helps to prevent headaches and migraines. Topical magnesium is more beneficial than oral magnesium as the latter does not prove beneficial to injured muscles.
Kaiame Naturals Organic Deodorant

Facial Cleanser& Natural Deodorant

Sporting radiant and healthy skin should be important to everyone! That is why cleaning our face is so important to remove dirt, oil and grime and to get rid of  dead skin build-up. The first step to beautiful skin is to keep it clean, without using harsh chemicals. Kaiame Naturals offers a gentle facial cleanser that will help clean out your pores and exfoliate the skin without leaving your face feeing tight and dry.

Most antiperspirants contain ingredients to stop sweat in order to cover up odor. The problem with deodorants nowadays is the use of toxic chemicals which causes harm to the body. Kaiame Naturals natural deodorant naturally prevents body odor by destroying the bacteria that causes body odor, while allowing the body to do what it needs to do naturally – sweat!

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